The Original Gas-O-Matic Fart Toy
Item# gasomatic

Product Description

Every day is April Fool's Day when you own the Original Gas-o-Matic Fart Toy!!! Accept no cheap imitation! Buy now during our fantastic April Fool's Day sale! There is no better gag on the planet!

This realistic-sounding flatulence imitator makes people think you really let one fly.

Here is a video on how to use the Original Gas-o-Matic:


Simply wind the center spinning piece (we call it the "sphincter"), tuck the whole device under your leg - between your thigh and the seating surface (leather or vinyl works best, but any padded surface will do), make sure the "sphincter" is pointed outwards, and SLOWLY lift your leg. Not only does it LOOK like you're passing gas, but the unmistakable sound leaves no doubt! While the Gas-o-Matic is made of durable, American-made parts, it's not indestructible!!! Be careful NOT to overwind the sphincter - you don't want to blow a band!!!!

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